Michael Carter

Strategic Advisor @ Lifeliqe.com

"I focus on learning, digital media, and games. Strategy, research, design, and development. I advised Steve Jobs in the early Mac and NeXT days, Vint Cerf when he founded the Internet Society, and made a home for Doug Engelbart's Bootstrap Institute at Stanford University. I surely learned more from each of them than they did from me. At Apple’s Advanced Technology Group I oversaw educational new media research and technology-rich classrooms, and funded laboratories worldwide. I shaped the curriculum that Oxford, Stanford and Yale delivered to their alumni online and created programs with faculty from leading business schools at Pensare. My academic career includes professing history at Dartmouth and directing academic computing at Stanford. As Co-PI of an ethnographic study of digital youth I helped scholars and teachers learn what kids do online. I edited and published essays, reports, and a new journal on digital media and learning with the MIT Press. At Digital Pictures I created ""What's My Story?""​ to help children learn to speak for themselves. As Chief Playwright at Zookazoo.com I designed and produced games for kids in a virtual world. I helped design a new generation of online mathematics courses for the Hewlett and Gates foundations and created over a dozen math games to accompany them. I work with an eminent scholar on ways to help nurture more and better readers, a distinguished neuroscientist to craft games to aid victims of traumatic brain injury re-gain their focus, a dedicated health professional to rid expectant mothers'​ lives of toxic chemicals, and advise on the design and development of science curriculum in Europe. I advise incubators, seed funds and startups who seek to change the landscape of learning. Specialties: Strategy, design, and development, particularly with learning, media, and games"


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