Maya Zuckerman


"Maya is a Regenerative Entrepreneur, multiplatform expert, Culture Hacker and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of narrative, technology, and regenerative design to world-changing ideas. New times call for new sets of skills. In the past years, Maya has developed herself as a diverse and tech-savvy leader. Developing a unique set of skills which help her lead companies and teams. As Chief Operations Officer and VP of Operations of two startups in the past three years, she built enterprise platforms and mobile apps that connect people and solves social issues that face our species. Maya has worked with different groups around the world, from creative, tech development, branding, clean-tech and urban development. Her passion leads her to work with project and people wanting to serve a bigger purpose on this planet. She has spoken extensively in many conferences – from technology to branding and narrative. Maya is also a writer, focusing on the Collective Journey and Regenerative Narrative framework in culture and movements and writing a positive Speculative futures Science Fiction Trilogy."


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