HardwareCon 2021 Pitch Contest

Pitch Competition

2021 marks the 6th annual HardwareCon Pitch Contest where hardware startups from around the world have come together to compete for prizes and the right to call themselves the hottest up-and-coming hardware innovation company of the year.

This year the competition heats up as we take pitches via recorded video enabling founders to join from the convenience of their home town. Throw your world-class team and innovation into the ring with us to get valuable feedback from hardware investors, announce your company to the industry, and make your case for the $30k in-kind services prize as the winner of the 2021 HardwareCon Pitch Contest.

Sample of Participating Investors

The Contest

The Pitch Contest will be held during HardwareCon on June 8th in the breakout room. Pitches are accepted up June 1st at midnight, in a 5 minute video format. Pitches will be judged based on:

Delivery of Pitch

Pitches will be reviewed by our participating investors before the event and a live 4 minute Q&A session for each participant will be held on the day of the event by our panel of investors. At the conclusion of the event our HardwareCon judging panel will assign 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners during the awards ceremony.

How To Participate

To participate, startups can buy a hardware blvd ticket and be eligible to win the hardware innovation prize valued at $30K. The Hardware Blvd is our premium platform to showcase your startup to investors, partners, advisors and our whole community.

Besides social media, direct mail, and event promotion, you will get guaranteed review and feedback from accredited Hardware investors to understand where they see challenges and potential improvements to your business model.

The package includes all of the following perks:

Hardware Blvd Package

Showcase your offerings to key industry players and customers on our expo floor!

Review of Your Recorded Pitch by participating investors
Startup Name in Outbound Email Communications
Sponsor Name in Press Release
Logo Placement on Website
Inclusion in Social Media Promotion by HardwareCon
DUring Conference
5x - Conference Passes
Virtual Expo Booth
Unlimited Seller Side Matchmaking
Web Event Signage
Participate in our HardwareCon Pitch Contest and Live Q & A with our Panel
Post Conference
Logo Included on Thank You Email to Attendees


To be eligible for the HardwareCon Pitch Contest you must:

  • Be in business less than 5 years
  • Have raised less than $1M of institutional investment
  • Have business model whose primary revenue is built on selling a manufactured/physical product
  • Not be an employee or family member of the HC organizing team

For a complete list of the rules and judging criteria:

Once you purchase the HardwareCon Blvd ticket, you will be sent all the information you need to apply and the link where to submit your pitch.